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Ramadan: A Time for Gratitude

Ramadan is a time for many things including love, sacrifice, devotion, forgiveness, thankfulness and caring. This Ramadan due to the circumstances we find ourselves in gratitude for what we have will play a very large part.

These past few weeks I switch on the TV to see the darkest days that the world has been experiencing since WW2.
Millions have been infected and millions are suffering. No matter what colour or which race, if you are the richest tycoon or an individual just getting by in life we are all impacted, this virus is not selective.

My home The Maldives is an amazing and beautiful gift. I am thankful that my island borders are not connected to any country but around me is a big blue ocean with countless waves.  I enjoyed my life and I was always busy.

I meet the Blessed month of Ramadan 2020 with a very different outlook as I know that this Ramadan is going to be difficult for many Muslims around the world.  I am always thankful that in the Maldives day and night is equally balanced. I am thankful for the food that will be served at Iftar and note that we must make sure that we do not waste food from the table and save as much as possible. I am thankful that whilst mosques are closed I can still pray at home, which for me is a very new experience.

I am thankful that my family remain safe and healthy and I thank Allah (SWT) that he is there for me to turn to.

I am thankful for my job and for my work family. I have guided many tours for holiday travelers  who have come to explore my beautiful country and I am thankful that they chose to visit this beautiful heaven on earth. We may be in hibernation now but the time will come again when we can welcome you to our paradise home.

I am thankful to those who stay home during the lock down and to those who work on the front line. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head. I may share my room with my brother and my mom shares her room with my sister but this is normal living for many people like us and that is why in normal circumstances we spend most of our time out side the home.

Before these times the term lock down was used during early times when people lived in the southern islands of the Maldives had performed a crime and were taken before the court justice for Shariya hama fandiyaaru ( Islamic sentences Judge ).  The individual would be sent on  lock down to northern island of Maldives as their sentence. They would not be allowed to go out from the island or from house arrest unless authorised by “katheebu” ( Island council word used before democratic rules). The word lock down will now mean so much more throughout the world.

Despite the challenges and hardships that we may face during Ramadan 2020 I believe it is a gift to be able to express gratitude and ensure the blessings in our life are not taken for granted.

I came across this Gratitude Challenge which may

Day 1 – What kind of food are you most grateful for?
Day 2 – Who in your life are you grateful for?
Day 3 – What moment today or recently are you most grateful for?
Day 4 – Which skill are you grateful for?
Day 5 – What about your body are you especially grateful for?
Day 6 – What technology are you grateful for?
Day 7 – What smells are you grateful for?
Day 8 – What sights are you thankful for?
Day 9 – What books are you grateful for?
Day 10 – What tradition are you grateful for?
Day 11 – What colors are you grateful for?
Day 12 – Be grateful for your senses. Name what makes you grateful for each.
Day 13 – What season are you grateful for? What is good about the others?
Day 14 – What challenge did you overcome and be grateful for?
Day 15 – What sound are you grateful for?
Day 16 – What places you are grateful for?
Day 17 – What in nature are you especially grateful for?
Day 18 – What invention are you grateful for?
Day 19 – What knowledge are you grateful for?
Day 20 – What role model that you had are you grateful for?
Day 21 – What are you grateful for in this first 3 weeks of Ramadan?
Day 22 – What attribute of God are you most grateful for?
Day 23 – What change are you grateful for?
Day 24 – What part of the day are you grateful for?
Day 25 – Which character trait of the Prophet are you grateful for?
Day 26 – What voyage are you grateful for?
Day 27 – What passage or quote of the Quran makes you grateful?
Day 28 – What things in your day-to-day life are you thankful for?
Day 29 – What talent are you grateful for?
Day 30/Eid – What blessings are you grateful for?

Ramadan Mubarak.

Maahee Mohamed

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