Responsible Tourism plays a very large part in what we do. We are mindful of ensuring we promote local tourism in line with Maldivian culture and traditions. Through education of both guests and locals we aim to protect the environment and limit where ever possible any negative impact to local life.

We are committed to informing and demonstrating to our competitors, our team, our partners and ultimately our guests that we are committed to following social and environmental best practices.

Listen to Ruth, co-founder of Secret Paradise, talk about supporting local communities through tourism with the Truth Behind Travel podcast host, Dolores Semeraro.

By travelling with Secret Paradise and staying in local island guest houses you are contributing to the local economy and increasing local employment. The properties we partner are run by local island families where everyone is instrumental in the day to day running of the guest house.

Buying locally made souvenirs and eating local produce means that local farmers and small businesses benefit. We recommend souvenir shops in Male that are off the main tourist route, where you have the opportunity to buy locally crafted products as opposed to the imported souvenirs that are sold in standard tourist souvenir shops.
We attend and support local art and craft exhibitions and will take you along if an event happens during your visit.

We provide employment, good working conditions, a fair wage and coaching & development opportunities for our local employees. Our guides are all Maldivian. Not only does this ensure you get a real insight to Maldivian life, our guides achieve personal development through their interaction with guests from different cultures and backgrounds.

You travel the Maldives with one of our local guides who between them have years of local knowledge and expertise to share. They are passionate in sharing their country’s culture, history and tradition, as well as their own personal experiences.

Our tours are designed so that you not only experience the natural beauty and participate in activities commonly associated with the Maldives but that you have the opportunity to learn about it’s people and culture first hand.

Eco tourism and sustainable tourism has always been an integral part of our philosophy and part of our mission statement. As we have grown we have looked for opportunities where we can support local initiatives. We seek out ways to open up channels to allow Maldives based organisations, NGOs, marine-life charities the opportunity to interact with you our guest and in so doing increase their exposure to a wider audience.

You can become actively involved in conservation programs and learn how you too can be responsible during your stay in the Maldives.

All our guests participating in ocean based activities including swimming and snorkelling are briefed using the Green Fins Guidelines on how to be responsible in the water.

We regularly support clean up events, tree planting and educational events for the community. In 2018 we launched #STRAWWARMV to encourage our partners to ditch the straw and in 2019 we pledged our support to #protectmaldivesseagrass educating our team and guests on the benefits of seagrass to the environment.



We use locally owned and operated infrastructure
1. To help put profits into local hands in order that they can benefit directly
2. To use services developed and managed by locals

We provide employment and business opportunities for local people
1. All our guides are locals
2. With the exception of the Sale Director our operations team are all local people
3. To assist in coaching and development of individuals to widen their experience and career opportunities

We support local charities and organisations
1. We encourage our guests to contribute any remaining local currency at the end of their trip to our nominated charity for that year – ARC Children’s Home
2. We support local charities through sponsorship by individuals for members of the team participating in fund raising events – ARC Children’s Home
3. We raise awareness of local initiatives through our social media sites.


We limit the physical impact of trips and work with our partners to educate and improve awareness within local the community.
1.Wherever possible we and our guests travel by public i.e. ferries and not private transport i.e. speedboats.
2.We encourage our guests through either group briefings or distribution of a Welcome leaflet to respect the environment and lead by example in minimising the impact of waste.
3.We encourage our guests to deal with waste appropriately, to lead by example and where possible take plastic waste home.
4.We request our divers to follow Project AWARE 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet
5.We brief our snorkelers on reef etiquette
6.We coach and educate our suppliers and local partners in environmental awareness.
7.We are currently in the process of developing an eco friendly shopping bag to distribute to our guests and also the communities where we base our tours to increase awareness of the importance of reusing bags and in so doing reducing the volume of plastic bags. Our office team are committed to demonstrating responsible tourism actions.
8.We use both sides of paper and only print documents whenever it is necessary.
9.We ensure PCs and electrical items are turned off overnight
10.The production of our company literature and business cards are produced in the Maldives using local businesses.


We respect local customs and culture
1. We want our guests to learn about local customs and cultural practices whilst respecting local dress and cultural requirements
2. It is a practice on all tours to teach basic local language and this is included on our welcome leaflet
3. Our scheduled group tours include the opportunity to eat at the home of a local family and sample local cuisine ate in local style without the aid of cutlery
4. We provide guests with pre trip information to ensure they understand the requirements of travelling to a locally inhabited island as well as advising to visit their appropriate Foreign Office website to encourage awareness of social unrest or government requirements
5. A local guide accompanies our scheduled group trips from time of arrival to departure
6. A local Secret Paradise partner representative is based at each of the guesthouses with whom we work.

For up-to date information on our responsible and sustainable actions and initiatives please join our Facebook page and connect to our blog.

When you travel to far out places you often receive generous and gracious hospitality from local people, even when they don’t have much themselves.

We believe, we have a moral obligation to give something back to the people who live in the communities that we visit. It is simply the right thing to do to help people who struggle with basic needs for food, water, housing, health and safety.

How? We support Footprints program to fund local community projects to end poverty.

When you buy travel insurance through, simply choose a project to support, and we will also donate 1% to the same project. Simply use this promotional code, when you get a quote and your small donation will have a positive effect on this community.