Sustainable and Responsible practices have been an integral part of our business model since 2012. Secret Paradise Maldives is not merely a bystander; we are dedicated to creating a tangible impact. Our commitment extends to investing in local communities, working with tourism stakeholders for a more sustainable future in the Maldives, supporting marine life conservation and safeguarding the environment which is our home.


Our Values Are Our Way of Life

These values are woven into the very fabric of our culture and guide our daily operations both behind the scenes and throughout every single tour we offer. They form the tapestry through which our policies and actions seamlessly intertwine to uphold our commitment to responsible tourism.

Our commitment to protecting people encompasses a range of policies, including child protection, human rights, diversity and inclusion. We understand that responsible tourism goes beyond breathtaking landscapes; it means safeguarding the rights and dignity of individuals in every community we touch.

Our team is the heart and soul of Secret Paradise Maldives. We provide not only a safe and inclusive work environment but also invest in training and development opportunities for our employees. We believe in fostering diversity and inclusion within our team and the destinations we explore together. By prioritizing employment benefits and personal growth, we ensure that our team members are not only passionate about sharing their expertise but also deeply committed to making your journey with us memorable and enriching.

We acknowledge our responsibility as stewards of the Earth’s fragile ecosystems. Our commitment to safeguarding these ecosystems is reflected in a range of comprehensive policies. These policies encompass wildlife protection, energy conservation, waste management, and pollution reduction strategies. All of these efforts are directed towards the common goal of minimizing our ecological footprint, thereby preserving the natural beauty of the Maldives and its wildlife for future generations.

Our wildlife policy not only advocates for responsible interactions with wildlife but also actively supports conservation initiatives.  Our energy policy includes reducing carbon emissions across our operations and tours by adopting energy-efficient technology and practices. The journey of reducing pollution and waste is ongoing but we remain committed to safeguarding the marine environment that surrounds us. We embrace responsible waste management practices and the reduction of pollution to ensure minimal environmental impact.

We are dedicated to continually measuring, reviewing and taking appropriate action to provide eco-friendly and sustainable experiences, ensuring that your visit to the Maldives not only offers unparalleled beauty but also leaves a positive impact on the environment.

Our economic policies are deeply rooted in our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices. We prioritize maintaining full compliance with all local regulations, ensuring that our operations not only meet legal requirements but also contribute positively to the communities in which we operate. We actively donate to local organizations and initiatives that focus on environmental conservation, education and personal development.

We are dedicated to promoting local economic growth through our procurement practices. We prioritize sourcing business supplies and products locally, thereby supporting local businesses. This approach not only fosters economic resilience within the region but also helps reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing the need for long-distance transportation of goods. Additionally, we collaborate closely with local accommodation partners, supporting and encouraging sustainable practices that drive environmental and social responsibility.