Secret Paradise is committed to the well-being of all our guests. We understand the significance of a cost-effective insurance plan that protects our guests from unforeseen travel-related mishaps.


Travelling outside of your own country is exciting, however if you fall into difficulties like getting injured or ill you may find it a costly lesson if you haven’t taken out travel insurance. Remember that travel insurance covers you for more than just illness or injury it also covers cancelled flights, lost luggage and even lost or stolen items.

You are also covered prior to travel (as long as you take out insurance as soon as you booked your flights) just in case something unexpected happens and you cannot go.

Our recommended adventure insurance company is World Nomads. With them you can buy an insurance package to suit you and your travel plans, allowing you to depart on your holiday confident that you are covered. By using World Nomads’ convenient online system you can even purchase insurance or extend and buy more cover after your departure. If you’re interested in purchasing a travel insurance plan, simply enter your country of residence, your policy start date, and duration, the type of policy you are purchasing, and click “Get a Price”.

With World Nomads Travel Insurance you can

  • Buy while away from home
  • Available to people from 150 countries, traveling worldwide
  • Extend and claim online
  • Cover your adventure, including over 100 sports and activities
  • Give a little back to the community
  • Stay informed and safe when you are traveling

Note: Coverage will differ depending on your country of residence and your travel destination.

Please review the full description of coverage (policy wording) before purchasing for full details of what’s covered, what’s not covered, and any limits, terms and conditions.

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