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Secret Paradise tours and holidays stand out for many reasons; our experienced, professional local guiding team, our commitment to responsible tourism and sustainability, our level of service and communication and the fact that we remain the only Maldives based specialised tour company and DMC offering guided local island tours.

As a unique operator in the Maldives we are mindful of ensuring we promote local tourism in line with Maldives culture and beliefsWe respect the communities who open their homes to our guests. Through education of both guests and locals we strive to protect the environment in which we operate and limit wherever possible any negative impact preserving this country’s unique location for generations to come.

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We offer all tours advertised on our website to agents and we are happy to provide tailor made proposals and full DMC services.

Our Service Promise


1. We promise professional, personalized service from your initial inquiry to your client’s final farewell.
2. We promise to train you and your team about the advantages and opportunities of selling Maldives local island adventures and our products.
3. We promise to work with you to provide all the information you require in order to be able to sell our product.
4. We promise you competitive commissions to assist you in securing bookings.
5. We promise to protect and support your brand integrity. We understand the time and effort it has taken to establish your reputation.
6 We promise to respect your agent/client relationships and will inform you if a past client returns to us directly.
7. We promise that if at any point your client is dissatisfied, we will work extremely hard to correct any issues and exceed your and their expectations.

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