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In the information that follows, you will discover the specifics of our Climate Action Plan and how we are committed to leading the way in sustainable and climate-conscious travel. Together, we can make a positive impact, mitigate the effects of climate change, and ensure that the Maldives remains the paradise it is meant to be.

Our Climate Action Plan is focused on the actions we will be taking in addition to the actions and initiatives that we already have in place.  In line with the Glasgow Climate Declaration our plan is broken down into 4 areas:

Measure, Decarbonise, Regenerate and Collaborate.

Each year we will update our plan to include our goals for the coming year, and publish a transparent report sharing our carbon footprint for the year, and assessing our progress against each of the goals we have set.



  • From 01 January, 2023, working with Path Net Zero, we are measuring the level of carbon generated on all the day tours and multi day tours that are featured on our website. This will create our base line from which reduction targets for 2024 onwards will be set.
  • We will state the carbon footprint on each individual tour featured on our website by the end of December 2023.
  • From 01 January, 2024 we will introduce measurement on all tailor made tours.
  • Our carbon analysis at present includes accommodation, domestic transport, meals, activities and tour leaders.
  • From 01 January, 2024 we will introduce measurement of our office operations and business travel both domestically and internationally.
  • Invest in a sustainability action measurement application for businesses by end 2024.



  • Once we have our measurements calculated we will work towards our annual reduction target in line with our Glasgow Climate Declaration and will publish targets and the reductions we make on an annual basis.
  • We will explore practices and alternative options to reduce the footprint of our daily Hulhumale based operations. These may include energy usage, materials used in business operations and transportation.
  • We will work with our property partners to save water and reduce electricity usage over the next 5 years.
  • We will work with our property partners to re-evaluate the food supply chain. Our objective is to introduce a wider range of authentic local dishes, locally sourced agricultural produce and locally caught fish. Our aim to end consumption of beef by all our partner properties by end 2025.
  • We will work with our property partners to re-evaluate food waste. During 2024 we will measure and establish the current practices in place in order to be able to ascertain actions that can be taken to reduce food wastage in the following years. Our annual report will provide relevant updates and future targets.
  • We will continue to reduce the use of single-use plastic water bottles on tours and will work with our partner properties to provide a drinking water source for refills, our aim to provide plastic free tours by end 2025.
  • We understand that carbon offsetting shouldn’t be viewed as a quick win to ease our conscience. But we do believe it is a positive step to assist and complement our efforts to protect the environment. Therefore in conjunction with Path Net Zero we will offset our annual carbon emissions.



The following is in addition to the actions and initiatives that we already have in place with MWSRP, Manta Trust and Olive Ridley Project and other related ocean and marine life organisations in the Maldives.

  • We will support the work of MMRI by establishing a Secret Paradise account on the MMRI portal in order that we can submit marine research data to MMRI a minimum of every quarter from 2024.
  • We will create an eco-specific day tour focused purely on coastal vegetation, mangroves and seagrass which will be offered at a discounted rate for Maldivians in 2024.
  • We will create an educational training program focused on Green Fin snorkeling practices, marine life code of conduct, the importance to the Maldives of the protection of coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass for local island excursion and activity guides, potentially collaborating with Maldives Ministry of Education to enhance accreditation by end 2025.



  • In October 2023 we became a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism and the Adventure Travel Trade Association Travels Climate Action Agreement
  • From November 1, 2023, to April 30, 2024, we will collect data and insights from our travelers to assess their awareness of climate change and identify potential local-level actions that we, our partners, and visiting travelers can undertake in the Maldives.
  • We will take every opportunity to build awareness of climate change with our travelers, engaging them with ideas and opportunities for positive action through the activities and experiences we provide on our tours.
  • We will offer truthful and transparent information regarding the climate effects of tourism, greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon offset initiatives, allowing our travelers to make well-informed choices.
  • We will continue to collaborate with the Maldives Tourism Industry and parties such as USAID to further develop and implement the Maldives Tourism Climate Action Plan and will join and promote the Maldives Climate Smart Tourism Program.


We recognize that we don’t have all the solutions, but our commitment is to continuously improve and build upon the initiatives and actions we have taken since the start of our sustainable journey in 2012. We invite you to share your feedback and comments to assist us in evolving the way we travel in the Maldives. Contact us here.