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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Maldives Manta Conservation Programme (MMCP) in support of their groundbreaking RahVeshi Fund, which translated is Local Island Fund for the Environment (LIFE). This initiative, is set to make a lasting impact on the preservation of our precious marine life. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future!

The RahVeshi (LIFE) Fund, an initiative established by MMCP, aims to establish long-term, locally driven research and outreach programs that safeguard the natural resources of the Maldives. It is focused on building local capacity for conservation in remote parts of the country and addressing the challenges posed by the climate crisis through enhanced ecosystem-based resiliency.

Through our partnership with MMCP and the RahVeshi Fund, we are taking significant strides toward preserving the Maldivian marine environment. By supporting local initiatives, empowering communities, and conducting vital research, we are paving the way for a sustainable future. Together, we can protect the environment we operate in and ensure that generations to come will be able to revel in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Maldives.

Manta rays, scientifically known as Mobula alfredi and Mobula birostris, for the reef and oceanic manta rays respectively, are awe-inspiring creatures renowned for their elegant wing-like fins that can span up to an impressive seven meters in width. These gentle giants call the warm tropical waters of the Maldives home, particularly popular diving and snorkeling sites like Baa Atoll, Hanifaru Bay, and Ari Atoll. They are irresistibly drawn seasonally to these areas due to the abundance of plankton, their primary source of sustenance.

While the Maldives serves as a haven for Manta Rays, these magnificent creatures face numerous threats on a daily basis. Unregulated tourism can inadvertently harm them, leading to habitat degradation and disturbance. Plastic pollution, ghost nets, over fishing, and the severe impact of unregulated tourism further jeopardize their survival. Therefore, it is our collective responsibility to protect these remarkable animals and their fragile ecosystems.

As MMCP embark on this journey, the RahVeshi Fund will initially center its attention on three breathtaking geographical atolls: Makunudhoo in Haa Dhaalu, Fuvahmulah, and Addu in the following ways:

1. Empowering Local Communities: We firmly believe that the strength of our conservation efforts lies in the hands of the Maldivian people. Through the RahVeshi Fund, MMCP are committed to providing extensive training, mentorship, resources, paid internships, and job opportunities to local individuals interested in marine research, education, and conservation. By nurturing their skills and knowledge, they will be empowered to become guardians of our marine heritage, ensuring a sustainable future where every member of our community actively contributes to the preservation of our natural treasures.

2. Discovering the Secrets of Hidden Gems: This initiative provides MMCP access to remote manta ray study sites scattered throughout our picturesque archipelago, away from the bustling tourist areas. This allows exploration of uncharted territories to gather invaluable data on these majestic creatures. By delving deeper into the secrets of manta rays and their habitats, MMCP can develop effective strategies for their protection and secure their long-term survival within Maldivian waters.

3. Advocating for Conservation: At Secret Paradise, we firmly believe that grassroots conservation initiatives and community engagement play a pivotal role in safeguarding our environment. The RahVeshi Fund is committed to supporting such initiatives and assisting small island communities in advocating against invasive and unsustainable development practices. By amplifying the voices of local communities, MMCP hope to create a harmonious balance between progress and environmental preservation, ensuring a future where sustainable development is at the forefront of our collective consciousness.

Ruth, Co-Founder of Secret Paradise, expressed her  enthusiasm for this transformative initiative, stating, “As a business committed to making a positive impact on the environment in which we operate, myself and the team are thrilled to support the RahVeshi Fund. It provides invaluable opportunities for learning, education, and community involvement. Moreover, it has the potential to inspire the marine biologists of the future, nurturing a new generation passionate about the conservation of our marine ecosystem.”

For those that have traveled with Secret Paradise, you will know we are not just a tour operator, but a team of passionate individuals dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences while actively preserving the breathtaking natural beauty of our island paradise.We firmly believe that responsible tourism goes hand in hand with marine conservation. Our sustainable tourism policy guides every aspect of our operations, ensuring that we promote environmentally friendly practices and minimize our ecological footprint. Through partnerships with local and international NGOs and charitable organizations in the Maldives, we actively get to engage in marine conservation efforts.

Join us on our 8 day Goidhoo Atoll Experience and not only experience the wonders of our paradise, but also become an integral part of our conservation endeavors.

To learn more about the  RahVeshi Fund, please visit Manta Trust website.

Thank you to Kaitlyn Zerr and Simon Hilbourne for the amazing images!