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When it comes to diving holidays, the Maldives is in a class of its own, but the best dive spots do not have to cost a fortune. Secret Paradise has teamed up with local island guest houses and boutique hotels to offer you great Maldives scuba diving holidays at affordable prices.

Want to tick off your marine life bucket list? We know where you need to be and importantly when to encounter everything from manta rays and whale sharks to hammerheads and tiger sharks. We will connect you with dive experts who have years of diving experience in the Maldives and are as passionate about diving as you are.

We keep it simple but without cutting corners. You can expect reliable equipment, knowledgeable instructors, experienced guides, comfortable guest houses, clear communication, and reliable airport transfers. So whether you are looking to dive and island-hop or base yourself on one island, we will do our best to save you money and still provide a dive trip to remember.

Secret Paradise co-Founder, Ruth Franklin, is a diver herself with over 1500 dives in the Maldives. Ruth is always happy to share her own scuba diving experiences so don’t think twice about getting in touch for honest dive advice and start planning your Maldives scuba diving holiday now!


Our Favourite Locations To Dive!

Dive Local Ari Atoll

Stunning coral formations, incredible colors, and a huge variety of fish life have made Ari Atoll one of the top diving destinations around the world. Add into the mix regular manta ray and whale shark sightings, and it’s clear why people keep coming back for more. From January till the end of March, visits to manta dive sites are made several times a week and in April, May, and then again September through to November, there is a good chance of seeing whale sharks in the area. Popular dive sites include Broken Rock, Protected Marine Area, Kudarah Thila, Panettone, and Angaga Thila.

Dive Local Baa Atoll

Baa Atoll in the Maldives is blessed with a varied selection of diving sites: thilas, channels, and coral reefs. The tranquil atmosphere, warm, crystal-clear water, rich coral gardens, and colorful reef fishes make the atoll one of the top diving choices for a Maldives scuba diving holiday. Maaddoo Giri, Dhonfan thila, Horubadhoo thila, and Baiypolhi Mas are some of the diving sites with flourishing aquatic life. Among all these sites, Baiypolhi Mas is the most exciting and challenging dive spot with several batfish, here you can also spot sharks throughout the year. The famous Hanifaru Bay, a UNESCO protected zone, known locally as Vandhumaafaru Adi, annually sees some of the largest gatherings of manta rays worldwide with up to one hundred creatures in the small inlet when the tide pushes plankton into the bay.

Dive Local Laamu

Laamu is an untouched paradise for snorkelers and divers. With relatively few channels, great visibility, beautiful hard coral formations, and weak currents, this area is great for both the experienced and inexperienced diver. Inner reefs are home to both small macro and larger animals such as turtles. The channels to the north provide adrenalin-charged current diving for the more experienced and are packed with fish, sharks, and eagle rays. While on the outer reef, you may encounter mantas and whale sharks.

Dive Local Haa Alif Atoll

Unlike many other diving areas of the Maldives, in Haa Alif you are unlikely to see many other divers or boat traffic. Because of this, marine life seems to revel in the minimal interference from humans with flourishing hard coral growth over most of the submerged boulders. Soft corals do well on the sides of the boulders protected from often strong currents. Fish life thrives in the nutrient-rich waters bringing in the reef predators: white and blacktip reef sharks and large numbers of manta rays. The area offers drift dives, cave diving, and even a wreck. Wall dives are among some of the best you will find in the whole of the Maldives scuba diving region. The coral reefs shine in the sunny weather and clear waters make for great visibility of up to 30m.

Dive Local Vaavu Atoll

Vaavu Atoll offers the longest continuous reef in the Maldives, over 55 kilometers. There are several narrow channels that attract plenty of marine life, including nurse sharks and manta rays, and when the current is right. It is these channels, together with the fact that Vaavu has the least amount of inhabited islands and resort islands that ensures diving here is a memorable experience. Popular dive sites include Fotteyo Kandu, Miyaru Kandu, and Alimatha, all 3 options offer a spectacular night dive opportunity.

Dive Local Fuvahmulah

This unique one island atoll has many features to boast, but it is only recently that Fuvahmulah, in the deep south of the Maldives, has made its mark on the Maldives dive map. Fuvahmulah has become the ultimate destination for a Maldives scuba diving holiday if you are looking for pelagic encounters. You can expect a shark fest of up to 7 different species of shark including tiger, thresher, and oceanic whitetips. Add to the mix oceanic manta rays, whale sharks, and if you are extremely lucky mola mola — Fuvahmulah offers world-class diving.

Dive Local North Malé Atoll

The presence of deep, clear waters all around the atoll means excellent visibility, especially with ingoing currents. Pelagics such as barracuda, trevally, tuna, and big schools of fusilier, snapper, and sharks all congregate at the entrance to the channels. Most of the diving in North Malé Atoll is in channels and drift diving is the most common method. Popular dive sites include HP Reef, Okobe Thila, Nassimo Thila, Lankan Caves, Maagiri Caves, Banana Reef, and the famous wreck Maldives Victory.

Dive Local South Malé Atoll

There are many dive sites with spectacular drop-offs and caves along both sides of the channel that separates North Malé and South Malé Atoll, as well as a further 18 channels located along the eastern and western sides of the atoll. Predictably currents at the channel entrances attract barracudas, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, groupers, jacks, trevally, napoleon wrasse, and eagle rays. Popular dive sites include the protected marine area of Embudhoo Kandu, Embudhoo Express, Kandooma Thila, Guraidhoo Corner, and Kandooma Caves.

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