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People form the shape of a heart on the beach.

You have spent time deciding what style of vacation you want and which is the best destination for you to visit, so no doubt if you are reading this you have decided that the Maldives is the perfect location for your next trip.

Every Secret Paradise holiday is carefully designed to make sure you have an unforgettable Maldives experience whether you choose to stay local, cruise or indulge at a resort.

Booking with Secret Paradise is also full of benefits for you from the moment you start planning your trip, to the time we wave you goodbye!

So what are those benefits? What makes the Secret Paradise team different to others?

1. We are your eyes on the ground

  • We are based in the Maldives and we specialize only in the Maldives. Every member of our team has incredible local knowledge to assist you in your decision making. 
  • Through our connections with The Maldives Ministry of Tourism we receive the most up to date travel advice and tourism announcements as they are made, which we then share with you.
  • We make it our business to know what is happening throughout the Maldives so that you don’t have to spend time researching.
  • We have visited every local island and every resort we recommend, so that we can assist you in selecting the island that is right for you and your requirements.
  • We have stayed at every accommodation option that we offer to ensure we can provide you accurate, honest advice and information.
  • We audit our property partners on an annual basis to ensure the standards we require for our guests are maintained and you are ensured a safe and comfortable stay.

2. We have the answers to all your questions

  • We understand that when you book a holiday you want to be sure that you are booking with people who know what they are talking about. Secret Paradise has been in operation since 2012 and between all members of the team we over 80 years of experience in Maldives tourism.
  • Our Co-Founder, Ruth, was a tourist travelling to the Maldives on 30 occasions over a period of 10 years and understands what information is important to you as a guest and also what you need to know in order to be prepared for your trip. 
  • We understand the importance of honest pre-holiday communication and are always happy to talk through any queries or requests to put you at your ease.
  • Communication is important to us, you will never have to chase us for responses to your emails, questions or concerns and we will always respond within 24 hours.
  • The team member that you email with, speak to on messenger or on a phone call, will be the person making sure your holiday goes to plan ensuring there are no  aspects missed or forgotten about.
  • We provide information packs to assist with your holiday planning. Everything from current travel regulations to knowing what you need to pack! Our information packs will help you understand culture and economy, health, vaccinations and insurance, arrival and departure details, international and domestic transfers, accommodation, weather and food and many more. 

3. We don’t sell one size fits all holiday solutions

  • We care about each individual guest’s needs and requirements. We know that everyone travelling counts and so will always be happy to tailor-make an experience.
  • We  want to make sure that your special time in the Maldives is one to remember and to do that we listen to you first.
  • Tailor making a unique tour of your choice provides greater flexibility and may assist you in stretching your budget further.
  • If you know exactly what you want to do, perfect! If you have a couple of ideas, we’ll help you fill in the gaps.
  • We are happy to adjust any of our standard itineraries to fit both your schedule and your interests or we can start from scratch!
  • Not sure where to start? Just let us know the number of nights, any specific interests and your budget expectation and we can go from there.

”Excellent Customer Service! I had scheduled a short stay in the Maldives through Secret Paradise which was to start after a diving trip on a liveaboard. Ruth was great at planning a wonderful itinerary for me, very professional and always responding by the next day (as there is a 9-hr time difference). All the documentation was very thorough as well. My experience with Secret Paradise was wonderful – I am greatly looking forward to when I can visit the Maldives and will definitely be using Secret Paradise for my travel arrangements.”  Ann, Orlando Florida.

4. We know you want to travel safely

  • We understand that making travel plans can be stressful, particularly in light of recent global events.
  • We work hard to ensure you and your family are prepared for travel and that we have answered all your questions and concerns.
  • We will ensure you are always ‘in safe hands’ so that your trip will be memorable for all the right reasons.
  • We have always prioritized the safety and comfort of our guests and staff, which is why our guides are certified Emergency First Responders and Level 3 International Life Guards.
  • Our professional guides are trained to support solo travelers, large groups and private tours and can cater for everyone’s individual needs.
  • From the moment you meet your guide until your departure, our Travel Safely policy highlights the improved procedures and processes you can always expect from us.                                                                                                   

“During these pandemic times they are taking utmost care with very less group size for everyone’s safety which I loved.”  Pratiksha K  Pakistan                                                       

5. We understand that travelling responsibly is important to you

  • We share your values and like you we want to make sure that the Maldives continues to be a fantastic destination for future generations.
  • We ensure that every trip we run has a direct and positive impact on the local communities or environments that you visit.
  • 100% of your holiday money stays in the Maldives and is being used to support the local economy.
  • We work with all our local partners to assist them to operate more sustainably and responsibly and welcome your feedback on what they can do better.
  • Our sustainable actions are not just limited to our tours. Our guides are passionate about the environment, they conduct beach clean ups with local communities and collect plastic to be recycled by an NGO called Parley for Maldives to mention but two actions. 
  • All Secret Paradise tours provide the opportunity for you to give back during your stay. This may include a beach clean, planting a coconut palm or even assisting on a coral nursery.
  • We walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk because we believe by doing so we can with your support make a difference.

“Secret Paradise’s commitment to sustainable tourism shines through in all of their tours. I had the privilege of joining them for both their “Insight into Marine Conservation” and “Discover Huraa the local way”. On both tours, I was able to gain much insight into the local side of the Maldives while also feeling like I am contributing to the ecotourism movement here.” Bianca, Melbourne, Australia

6. We will ensure your holiday is memorable and stress free 

  • Planning a surprise or going the extra mile to make your holiday genuinely perfect is so much easier for us to achieve as we are based in the destination in which you will be travelling.
  • We can arrange surprises, but sometimes the planning is more difficult for them to manage due to the volume of guests they look after in multiple locations. The agent you speak to on the phone is rarely the one who will be looking after you when you are actually on holiday.
  • You will be provided with a personal point of contact with a mobile number, WhatsApp number and email address so that you can reach out for assistance or advice to no matter where you are in the Maldives, or indeed the world.
  • Our guides are trained to overcome all types of situations, to take the right decision and to solve problems ensuring they take care of you 24/7.
  • Our guides can provide perspectives that you cannot get from reading a travel guide, researching online, or traveling alone. They will always be excited about sharing their homeland, culture, history and personal experiences with you. 
  • We are with you for every step of your journey in the Maldives. You will always be met at the airport upon arrival, assisted with your transfers and will also be met at the airport to assist with your departure.

“Their guides are extremely professional and welcoming and I was assisted in every moment of my journey, from the initial planning over email until when I first arrived in Male. I would highly recommend to anyone planning a trip here, even a solo female traveler like myself.” Bianca, Melbourne, Australia

7. We offer flexible booking, cancellation & payment options

  • After the events of 2020 we know that you are looking for peace of mind so you can confidently book your next trip whilst eliminating any risk.
  • As an independent company we don’t rely on the investment or decisions of others and can make decisions quickly to deliver your requirements or to adapt to unforeseen changes. 
  • We are human and will always offer empathy when applying our cancellation policy especially in regard to Covid 19 related issues.
  • We have a clear Flexible Booking Policy to make things straight forward and easy for you on all bookings.
  • We only ever ask for a deposit of $100 per person for all bookings so that you can be confident your finances are protected.

“When Covid hit and my flights were cancelled which forced changes to my Maldives trip, Secret Paradise was by far the best travel entity I dealt with. No forced credits, no impossible to contact call centers , no fighting to get plans changed. Everything dealt with in a very timely manner with the minimum of fuss. A stand out”
Richard Australia

So whether you are looking for an affordable stay, a Maldives adventure or a luxurious escape to our island paradise home, let us start shaping your dream Maldives holiday today!

Take a look at all our exciting holiday options or contact us for more information.