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We understand that you may worry about your health and safety when away from home, as well as the safety of the communities that you may be visiting in the Maldives. We aim to help you navigate complex and often confusing guidelines and regulations in order that you can make considered decisions, plan accordingly and help protect yourself and others.

The Maldives Health Protection Agency (HPA) announced the decision to cut quarantine time for both locals and tourists who test positive for COVID-19 as detailed below.

Updated 05 March, 2022

Isolation period for those identified as a positive case of Covid-19

1.1 Individual(s) who test positive and asymptomatic are required to be in Isolation for a period of 07 (seven) days from the date of sample collection. However, those who exhibit covid symptoms at the end of the isolation period specified are required to continue their isolation until 24 hours after symptoms have cleared.
1.2 All tourist facilities must ensure that the current practice of assessment by a doctor at the end of specified isolation period is recorded on the Release Summary Form. The said form must be filled and submitted to by the property.

The above shall be applicable even if the individual(s) have not completed the prescribed dose(s) of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Quarantine duration for those identified as direct contacts

a) Individual(s) who have been identified as a direct contact of a positive case but are asymptomatic, are NOT required to observe a quarantine period. However, if symptomatic the individual shall undertake a PCR test or a Rapid Antigen Test for Covid-19 and can ONLY be released upon receiving a negative test result.
b) Regardless of the ease mentioned in (a), ALL individual(s) who are identified as a direct contact of a positive case are required to undertake an additional PCR test after 05 (five) days from the date of last contact with the said positive case.
c) The ease mentioned in (a) and (b) is strictly applicable ONLY to those direct contacts who are quarantined separately from the positive case.

The procedures mentioned below are to be implemented for individual(s) who observe their mandatory quarantine period together with a positive case of Covid-19.
I. Individual(s) identified as a direct contact of a positive case of Covid-19 must observe quarantine till the positive case of Covid-19 completes their isolation period.
II. The quarantine period specified in (I) will come to an end ONLY upon receiving a negative result for the PCR test done at the end of the isolation period of the positive case of Covid-19.
III. Regardless of the ease mentioned in (II), such individual(s) are required to undertake an additional PCR test after 05 (five) days from the end of the isolation period of the positive case.

Furthermore, individual(s) shall only use the Rapid Antigen self-kit to test for Covid -19 if they have Covid-19 symptoms. If these test results are positive, then the individual will be considered a positive case of Covid-19 and the prescribed measures would apply.
However, if an Isolation document is needed, a PCR test or a Rapid Antigen Test for Covid-19 shall be taken from an approved laboratory or health facility.

Please be informed that individual(s) are considered to have completed the prescribed doses of a Covid-19 vaccine and the related eases mentioned in this circular can ONLY be exercised if the
following conditions are met:
1- Vaccine administered by the individual(s) is approved by the Maldives Food & Drug Authority or by the World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Use Listing (EUL) and at least 14 (fourteen) days have passed and 06 (six) months have not exceeded after the administration of the prescribed doses.
2- If 06 (six) months have passed since completion of the prescribed doses, a BOOSTER dose for Covid-19 must also be completed.

We recommend that you also refer to the websites of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives for the most up to date travel information. We also advise to check your own home Foreign Office Travel Advice or seek consular assistance as part of your travel planning.

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